Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Talk About Messing Up

Yep, want to talk about messing up?

I once punched Brute Benard in the mouth, right before he knocked me out. I blocked the Ultimate Warrior's clothesline which he didn't appreciate. I told the original Sheik what I wanted to use for a finish as he was getting his famous pencil out. I let Maddog Buzz Sawyer borrow my brand new kneepad. I tried to trade chops with Wahoo which didn't work out too good. I woke right up when Jake throwed his snake on me just after taking the DDT. Heck, I even made Ted Turner mad by wearing "John 3:16" on my trunks.

But the one thing I didn't mess up is asking JESUS to come into my heart and save me! Couldn't if I tried. It's based on what He did, not on what I didn't!