Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Calendar Updated for July

JULY 2015

Wednesday, July 1 - Saturday, July 4 , Fairgrounds, Faith, N.C.
Tuesday, July 7, GSouth Wrestling School, Charlotte, N.C.

Saturday, July 11, Princeton Church Of God, Princeton, WV. 11.00a.m.
Saturday, July 11, WVCW T.V. Taping, Rec. Center, Princeton, WV.
Sunday, July 12, PWX Super Kick Tour, Arena, Concord, N.C.
Tuesday, July 14, GSouth Wrestling School, Charlotte, N.C.

Saturday, July 18, NMCW, Armory, Kings Mtn. N.C.
Tuesday, July 21, GSouth Wrestling School, Charlotte, N.C.
Thursday, July 23, Co. Fair, Somercest, KY.

Friday, July 24, Rec. Center, Ronda, N.C.
Saturday, July 25, TBA
Sunday, July 26, AML, Johnny & Junes, Winston-Salem, N.C.
Tuesday, July 28, GSouth Wrestling School, Charlotte, N.C.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Nobody Did it Better!

Me and the "Hawaiian Punch" Ricky Steamboat in Clayton, NC. Dont think for one minute when I was face to face in the ring with Ricky Steamboat, that I didn't consider dropping to a knee and asking him to marry me! Why not take advantage of the new law??? Just aint sure if I'm ready to split my book sales!

No Need to Smarten This Kid Up

Dreamer junior already got things figured out!!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

At the Fair

Yep, got "Dad You Don't Work, You Wrestle" at the fair!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Blackjack Mulligan Claw Hold

DYDWYW at Briarbend Drive

Only a handful of people will understand this, and even less will "get it."

Here I am trying to take these pictures in front of the Briarbend street sign where Crockett's old offices used to be. People yelling at me to get out of the way, old woman blowing her horn. I'm wearing a dirty Blackjack Mulligan t-shirt, bandana, zubaz - -what the heck? I kept waiting for Gene Anderson to walk out and yell at me - "What are you doing now, George?"

Oh to see Dusty's red Mercedes parked there again! Going to turn Journey on and cry!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Me and Buddy

Me and Buddy in the back before our EWA championship match in 2010.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Buddy Landel

.... When a man holds your 6 year old little boy who is sick in the dressing room so you can go to the ring to work, you realize how special he is!

.... I never let Buddy forget what that meant to me and Little George.

...... I love you Buddy Landel.

* * * * * * * 

"Thank you George for praying for me, and just never giving up on me."
.... Buddy Landel's last text to me. I still have it on my phone. Jesus kept it for me!

* * * * * * * * * *
I have so many great Buddy stories but my favorite was a few years ago in Gastonia, N.C. In one of Buddy's last matches it was going to be me and him. He had told me that day to take it easy on him because he hadn't been in the ring in some time! The promotor wantted a DQ finish and with Buddy saying sure, but me under my breath saying, 'yeah right'. What a great time, Buddy was perfect. With a minute left I said "Corkscrew elbow!" Buddy said what? I said. "Yep, I'm taking it brother." Buddy, in that sweet voice said, "no George I haven't done it in years." So with only 20 seconds left I hit the ropes and said "slam me!!" With time standing still, and every fan's eyes wide open, it was l985 again as Buddy Landel brushed back his hair, and once again, almost effortless, painted the perfect "corkscrew elbow."

... Amen

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Little More Face in THIS book!

Maybe a little less Facebook and a little more face in THIS book! AMEN!
Of course, that includes Paw Paw, too!
Alot of miles, tears, pain, forgiveness, grace and victory!

Lending a Hand

Great job to Flip Jake Dancy and his team for helping out the Woods family. So blessed to be a part. 

Great job Flip.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The George South Legends Belt

"Winners Come and Go, But Legends Are Forever."

Still so thrilled with my special belt presented to me by Andy McDaniel in Charlotte last summer. Glad to have Andy back in the southeast after his U.S. tour!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I Miss You, Brad

Brad Armstrong at "Night of the Legends 2" in Spartanburg, SC 2005

Today would have been Brad's 54th birthday. I miss him so much. 
Thinking of Lori and Jillian today.

Archive: My original post about Brad's death.

Monday, June 15, 2015

With Tessa Blanchard in Charlotte

So proud of this young lady!!

(And love the knee pad. - Jack Roberts)

Saturday, June 13, 2015

With Jimmy Valiant & The Patriot

Me and my good friends Boogie and Del Wilkes helping the Cheraw Community Center out!

Sometimes, you take a 'Boogie Man, a Super Hero, a Carny, and some young guys that want to learn, mix in a Journey CD and some Jesus, and it WORKS!! Thanks to the EWA crew for last nite in Cheraw!!

Rumble in Paradise

Friday, June 12, 2015

My Afternoon with Garrett

Spending the day with my beautiful son Garrett. The road ain't no place to start a family, but thank Jesus I did.

From my Facebook page:

.... Took my beautiful son to Wendy's today, after we order i notice the lady had charged me 5.43 for just our teas. When a line standing behind me, and my son giving me that 'please dont dad' look, i said, mam i think thats wrong, i ordered the two 30oz. teas that are a dollar. She said, we dont have that here,....i said ma'm, every Wendys in the world has that, i should know, ive ate at everyone of them! She said, well we dont......now, you would have thought Hogan turned 'nwo' or something.....everybody getting upset with 'dydwyw'...even Barry fixen to turn on BJ, LOL ..... i then ask for the manager, oh yea, Garrett does not know me at this point......as the manager was refunding my money, even with book sales at their highest, i wasent paying 6 bucks for just 2 teas! I just shared that i may forget my kids name, even my own, but after 40 years on the road, ' I KNOW CHEAP TEA PRICES'!!......Then, as the lady that startted all this, gave me a fake smile and said, sorry' we didnt have your ' 30oz. tea for a buck....with Garrett holding me back before i punched her, the manager said, 'WE HAVE 30oz. TEA FOR A BUCK'......the lady said, we do?..Yes,we have always had it, the manager told her! YES YES YES as i highfived the old lady behind me.....!!! So, Hogan put the yellow and red back on, my son loves me again, we drunk tea till we could float, and yes, i stuck my tongue out at that lady as i told her Jesus loves her, just going to take me a while....!!!

Whew, folks dont let anybody steal your joy, or sale you a tea for 6 bucks!!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

"The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes Passes Away

My heart is broken! The news of Dusty passing hurts. I loved that man. He was a friend, a boss and someone that helped me feed my family for many years. My prayers go out to his family. He missed Dick Murdoch so much over the years and to think of them together again, only helps with the hurt. I will miss "The Amercian Dream"!

My buddy Dick Bourne took this picture of me and Dusty in Spartanburg SC in 2003. It was the first time I had seen Dusty in several years. He always had that big smile and hug. He did so much for me. Ask any of my kids where they lived growing up and they all will say "3638 American Dream Blvd., at the corner of Stardust Avenue, JACK!"

TV Show - Episode 123

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday with My Grandbabies

I love this little girl so much! She's growing up too fast!


Future Road Warrior! Some grandbabys play with legos, mine waits for his ring music to begin.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sweet Child of Mine

by Dick Bourne, Mid-Atlantic Gateway

It was the summer of 1988 - - - Bull Durham and Rambo were packing them in at the box office, Guns N' Roses' Sweet Child of Mine was rocking the Billboard charts, and Charlotte's Memorial Stadium was the hot stop on Jim Crockett's "Great American Bash" tour.

My friend Kyra Quinn recently sent me a link to a YouTube video she found of a vintage Charlotte television report about that Bash. There were several shots of various wrestlers arriving and congregating out behind the old Charlotte Park Center which sits adjacent to Memorial Stadium. Among the mix of wrestlers featured were Dusty Rhodes, Magnum, T.A., Jim Cornette, Ricky Morton, Robert Gibson, and many others.

And then this quick shot appeared. At right is George South with his wife Missy and their first son George Jr.  They are talking to Gary Royal who is under the mask as Gladiator #1.

In the video you can see George softly stroking the back of his young son's head. "Little George" was surely having a ball that day, getting to hang out with some of the greatest wrestlers in the business. What kid wouldn't be having a ball? I sent this screen shot to George and it made him a little emotional. His son is now married with kids of his own.

Of course, I had to give George a hard time about that huge head of hair and those Paul Jones tube socks.

But I also thought to myself how sad it was that Jim Crockett Promotions has been gone for almost 28 years.  The summer of 1988 was the 53-year old company's last summer and its last Great American Bash in Charlotte. I'm sad that Little George doesn't have a Great American Bash to take his own son to this summer.

Fireworks. David Allen Coe. Skydivers. The "Nature Boy" arriving for the main event in a channel-9 helicopter. Guns N' Roses blasting on the radio. Wrestler's families hanging out before the show.

"Reminds me of childhood memories where everything
was as fresh as the bright blue sky...Sweet child of mine."

Those were special days.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Monthly Greeting - June 2015

JUNE 2015

"Thy word is truth. '' - John 17 : 17.

BAM! What a great way to begin my new letter. The Bible is truth. Gods word is as strong as a two-edge sword and does not lie. I hope you believe it. I love to tell everybody I meet that very soon we are going to find out who is wrong and who is right. One thing that we all can agree on is that we both can't be right!

Let me thank everyone that had a part in this years "Raceway Ministries" outreach the last two weeks. What a great time the EWA crew has each year. I can't believe it has already came and gone. I went to pick my ring truck up on Monday and couldn't believe the big tents had already been put up. God is so good and we will be back out there at the speedway in October.

  • Please keep Tessa Blanchard in your prayers as she is finishing up a two-week tour of Canada this week. That is after she had already been on the road two weeks before that. What a very special young lady. I know most men could not handle the pressure that she is under but she has handled it all with such class. WWE also did a great video on her "Tough Enough" event coming up. I am very proud of her. 
  • My pro wrestling school is the best in the world. We really care about the students we have and hey, my new wrestling school t-shirts ain't bad either!
  • I spoke to Terry Taylor and Black Bart this past week and they both are doing great. 
  • My son "Little George" has also been doing so great wrestling for the number one wrestling group, AML and continues to argue with me at ringside when I tell him he is doing it wrong. Haha!
  • My 2nd greatest book ever written, "Dad You Don't Work, You Wrestle'' continues to sell-out every were we go. I have gotton such great reviews back on how it has blessed peoples lives. I love my " wall of fame'' book page and it continues to grow. One of my favorite pictures, because I am such a big mark, is the one where, when he wasn't looking, I put Animal's spikes on!
  • I still have ring canvas's for sale and can beat anybody's price and all you have to do is just email, or text me. Most of the time we can work it out were we can drop it off which also saves alot. Yep, where there is Jesus, there is a way!

Just three months away from my Dallas Cowboys kick-off. I really do like Jerry Jones giving these players a second chance. Only time will tell if it works. Anybody that knows me, knows I'm all about second chances, Jesus sure has gave me a bunch. So get your popcorn ready! To the Batcave....

I wrote about the speedway wrestling shows we have been doing for over 10 years so you can imagine the goofs I have seen, but this goof happens to be a 16-year old young man. He was there with his mom this past Saturday to watch the free wrestling show. Yep, 5 minutes into the first match, the goof kid yells, :Thats fake!" WHAT??????? But his mom made the save for me and got a ''high-five'' from half of the crowd when she came back at her son and said, "This is no different than you and your stupid Dad flying all the way to New York to watch WWE!" Way to go, Mom!

Have a great month and if I can rent you a ring, just let me know. I'm off to spoil some grandbabies!

God Bless!