Thursday, August 18, 2016

TV Show - Episode #179

How did this get booked? Merchandise Store!

Check out all of the great wrestling books over at the Mid-Atlantic Gateway,
including the one on "The Last Rassler." Who could that possibly be??

And don't forget the "second greatest book ever written!"  - Dad You Don't Work You Wrestle!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Selling Books in Charlotte

With Dick Bourne of the Mid-Atlantic Gateway
Me and my buddy Dick Bourne in Charlotte at the Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Legends Fanfest. Dang, I sold some books for him that weekend. Next plate of chicken wings in on him!

Check out all of his books over at the Mid-Atlantic Gateway, including the one on "The Last Rassler." Who could that possibly be??

And don't forget the "second greatest book ever written!"  - Dad You Don't Work You Wrestle!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

George's Calendar - August 2016


Thu - Sun Aug 4-7 Fanfest, University Hilton, Charlotte
Tuesday, August 9, GSouth Wrestling School, Charlotte, N.C.

Saturday, August 13, Mtn. Heights Church, Charleston WV. 6p.m. Bell time. (FREE FREE).
Sunday, August 14, Miles Road Baptist Church, Summerville, S.C. 6p.m. service.
Tuesday, August 16,, GSouth Wrestling School, Charlotte, N.C.
Wednesday, August 17, Freedom Church, Freedom Drive, Charlotte, N.C. (FREE FREE).

Saturday, August 20, NAWA, Lenoir, N.C.
Saturday, August 20, Fairgrounds, Taylorsville, N.C.
Tuesday, August 23, GSouth Wrestling School, Charlotte, N.C.

Saturday, August 27, AML High School, Mocksville, N.C.
Tuesday, August 30, GSouth Wrestling School, Charlotte, N.C.

Monthly Greeting - August 2016

I know, I know. Where you at, Mr.No.1 ? You're late!  Well, actually I have been spending the last 4 days with the real "No. 1" Paul Jones!

"No. 1" Paul Jones and "Mr. No. 1" George South at Fanfest in Charlotte
What a great time I had at the NWA Legends Fanfest here in Charlotte, N.C. I met so many great people and I want to say thank you to everyone that bought a copy of the "Second Greatest Book Ever Written." Spending time with Paul Jones and getting to see my old friend Paul Diamond from my Georgia Wrestling days were my favorite moments.

Ladies and gentleman, from ''the Headlock Ranch'', well actually, the hospital near the headlock ranch, weighing in at 9 lbs. 6 oz.,  AXL GREY SOUTH'. He is here, live and in color! He is beautiful. Thank you Jesus for blessing me with another grandbaby.

I want to ask everyone to please pray for my student, Tessa Blanchard, who leaves for a 4-week Japan tour this week. I am so proud of her. What a very special young lady. Also keep my other student Cedric Alexander in your prayers as the Lord has opened up some amazing doors for him. I spoke to old friend Terry Taylor this week and he loves them both.

I spoke to Brad Armstrong's family this week and told Lori about wearing my "BA" tights at the legends wrestling show. I love her and Jillian so much.

Congratulations to my buddies Dick Bourne and David Chappell for going into the Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Legends Hall of Heroes! It was special to share their night with them. They were honored for how they keep the memories of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling alive through thier website. I wrote in my book that when I found the Mid-Atlantic Gateway, I found my Noah's Ark, and it was filled with wonderful wrestling memories. The Mid-Atlantic Gateway. And congratulations to the Road Warriors, Paul Ellering, Baby Doll, Boogie, and Dusty Rhodes and his family.


Can you believe my Dallas Cowboys will be kicking off in a few weeks? I cant wait. Football season is almost here. Peyton Manning fans can sit back, relax, have another hotdog, bask in the glow of his retirement going out on top. I got to still sweat it out over Romo every week!!

Are you freakin' kidding me? Bob Lilly of my great Cowboys talks about coming into the league and having to buy his own football shoes, but the NFL cancels the HOF game because of the ''grass''? hahahahahahah Somewhere Wahoo is laughing his butt off. What a work!! It can snow 20 feet deep in Green Bay but that's OK, heck, my guys wrestled on the ground, but I guess the grass just wasn't ''cut''just right. We done here folks! Long live the "ice bowl''!!

Please let me know if I can help train, rent a ring, sell a book or show you a picture of my new grandbaby. Remember, talk to Jesus, He loves you so much. Got to go, AXL wants another piece of pizza!!!     

See you at the matches.  God Bless!

- George

Monday, August 8, 2016

A Fabulous, Fantastic, Heavenly Gathering at Midnight!

Dr. Tom Prichard, Steve Keirn, Jim Cornette, Stan Lane, Bobby Fulton, Bobby Eaton, George South, and Dean Archer.
Members of the Midnight Express, The Fabulous Ones, The Fantastics, and the Heavenly Bodies

With Future Stars at fanfest