Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Monthly Greeting - July 2015

JULY 2015

WOW! Summertime is for Steamboat!

"Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth.'' Isaiah 43;19. This is one of my favorite verses and what a great time to use it. A new beautiful month is here and also, my brand new web site has landed. Thank you everyone that has let me know how much they love it. Dick Bourne at the Mid-Atlantic Gateway always does things first class and he knew how much my site means to me and my kids. I am the worst when it comes to change so yeah I was a little nervous. I mean my life and my career has been in his hands for many years, for all you fans to see. He did not let me or the fans down. I love it!

Last months was one of the saddest months in my life. I lost three great friends who I spent more time with than my family. I loved Dusty, Tommy and Buddy so much. I will miss them. Dusty, took such good care of me. I bought my first house and put my kids through school because of him. Always tell the ones you love how much they mean to you. Going by Jim Crocket's old office last week was something I needed to do. I sure miss picking up my Mid-Atlantic check with Litt. George every Tuesday and letting him play on Gene Anderson's lap!

  • I spoke to Little Ricky Steamboat this week and he is so happy. Then, getting to have time in the ring with the greatest babyface of all time on Saturday in Clayton, N.C. Ricky Steamboat -- this was one of my all time favorite moments. He is the "beautifulest" man I have ever met, inside and out. 
  • My wrestling school is growing every day. We really do it the right way. Over 6 of my newest students got to wrestle in their first match this week at the fair in Faith, N.C. I was so proud of them.
  • Charlie Dreamer, who I miss so much, got to meet Tessa last weekend and I shared the picture on my great site. I love both of them.
  • I was in touch with Blackjack Mulligan a week or so ago. He's had a tough go of it lately but that big cowboy ain't been throwed yet. He said to tell all his fans hello. 
  • A special hello to Lori and Jillian. It's always a tough time when Brad Armstrong's birthday rolls around. Check out this great picture of Brad coming to the ring the night I wrestled him in Spartanburg, SC at the Night of Legends event there. That was 10 years ago! Where does time go. I miss you Brad.

Just two months away and Romo puts down the fishing pole and picks up a football. I cant wait.

Aaaaaaaaaaah, the world is nuts! Jesus please hurry! Listen at this, a Kentucky man, David Daniels walks naked through a Wal-Mart with only a mask on, and pours milk on himself while his idoit friend records it! Yes, this world is just about over. The biggest reason I hate this guy, he didn't get his mask from my gimmick table!!

Makayla, Paw-Paw needs a hug!!

Thanks to everyone for getting a copy of DYDWYW last month and I'm on my way to the post office now to mail out three more copies.

If I can rent you a ring, show you a picture of the prettyest grandbabys, Makayla, Dallas and Maverick, to make you jealous, just let me know.

God Bless and see next month!