Friday, July 24, 2015

10 Things I miss

l. My grandbabys.
2. Old fashion needing Jesus real tears at the church altar.
3. Making a Crockett town with my partner Gary Royal.
4. Steve Perry in front of Journey.
5. Dusty Rhodes, bleeding, on one knee, making a come-back while reaching out to Amercia.
6. 5 secs. left, Roger Staubach sees Drew Pearson wide open.
7. 4th grade lunch when I would write pretty girls 'do you love me' notes?
8. Wrestlers needing each other.
9. High School and my 76 Trans-Am.
l0. Heaven and the face of the ONE who gave me the other 9 things on my list.
l0a. My twins being little.

... o.k. I'm done!