Friday, April 1, 2016

Message to the Fans - April 2016

APRIL 2016

"For God So Loved The World, He Gave His Only Son. '' - John 3:16
What a great way to start off a new month. I love this time of year. Yes, because I don't have to run the heat or air, but that's not the real reason. Just a fresh start, a do over, a chance to try and get it right. God is such a loving God. He does not care how many times we fall, just how many times we get back up.

So the "Batman vs. Superman" movie that nobody seemed to like has done almost a billion dollars?! All righty then. My grandbaby Dallas told me, "It's the greatest thing I ever saw Paw Paw."

  • It may not be "Jim Crockett Promotions", but there sure is some great wrestling going on around here. With AML, PWX, EWA and Big Time Wrestling, there is something for everybody. 
  • I am very excited to be at the event coming up this month where Terry Funk will be here for two days. He is one of my favorites and fans will get a once in a life time chance to meet him. Of course, I got to ask him about the U.S. Heavyweight Title tournament in Greensboro were he wrestled Paul Jones.
  • Big Time Wrestling (BTW) will be bringing STING to the High School in Lincolton, N.C. next month and I'm sure it will sell out. Sting is one of the good ones. He gave his heart to Jesus years ago and continues to do great work for the kingdom. 
  • Tessa Blanchard is on her way to Texas, and to see WrestleMania. I am so proud of that young lady.
  • My wrestling school signed up 12 new students this past month. Last week we had a man come to watch training. He actually was stupid enough to laugh when one of my kids landed wrong. Bad mistake! After "Dick Slater" smartened him up, he didn't return. Imagine that?  
  • My 2nd greatest book continues to be the greatest selling wrestling book I have ever sold. You can order one right from my website!

Four months to football pre-season and then it won't be long until I have a plate of wings for kick-off and a big glass of alka-selzer for Romo's first interception!

Now, can you believe the goof who came to my wrestling school and laughed at one of my students, but then was throwed out by me, is not the one I'm writing about? Yes, there are plenty of idiots to go around! So North Carolina has spoken, no men in the ladies bathrooms. But the NBA and others want it to be changed. Said it is not fair! WHAT?????? Has the world gone nuts? We are so far gone now, the only thing to fix it is JESUS! Better give your heart to Him now. Before its to late!!

I hope everybody has a great month. If I can rent you a ring, sell you a belt or a canvas, babysit your kids, walk your dog, just let me know! God Bless.

- George