Monday, January 4, 2016

Monthly Greeting - Jan. 2016


Happy New Year! Yes, a brand new year to start over. To get it right, and not look back! Jesus has made everything new and he wants to make this the best year you have ever had. He can because "He died for our sins." 1 Cor. 15:3

I love this time of year. I still have my Christmas tree up, Journey cranked up and money left on my Bojangle's gift card. Ain't nothing going to bring me down. Not even my Dallas Cowboys who have broke my heart, picked it up, and then broke it again this year.

I never thought I would ever say this, but if I got to pull for a team now, it would be the Redskins, just for my friend Chuck Coates. Please keep Chuck on your prayer list. He loves Jesus so much and me and him have been friends for over 25 years.

This year will be the most exciting because Little George and Heather are having another baby and I'm getting another grandbaby, so watch out! The Von-Erichs are growing! 

  • I got a Christmas card from my favorite wrestler, Paul Jones, this year and I still get so excited to hear from him.
  • Young wrestling fans will never know what they have missed. The chance to write your favorite wrestler a letter and have them send you a picture or a letter back is one of the greatest things in the world. I hope everyone will check out the Mid-Atlantic Gateway's story on Wally Dusek who used to work for Jim Crockett and what it meant when a letter did get sent back.
  • This year will be my 38th year in pro-wrestling and it has been a dream come true. God has been so good to me. Being able to watch Tessa prepare for her 2nd tour of Japan, the Owen Hart DVD from WWE are just other examples of his blessings.
  • Thanks to Ric Flair for his podcast mentions of me the last few weeks. See more about that here. I can't wait to see the ESPN 30 for 30 event coming up in a few months.
  • I also got the sweetest Christmas card from Brad Armstrong's family and I cant believe how big Jillian is getting. I love that family so much.

On this lonely road of faith....

Is it just me getting more like Ole Anderson every day or are people getting worse? Have you noticed every time somebody may lose a loved one, a pet or even some good news like a new grandbaby, a new job or even a new car, that idiot people always say -- and I mean always say -- "Well I lost my wife, or I lost my dog, or I just got a new car, or I just got a new job, too!" Aaaaiaiaiaieeaa!!! Goofs, it ain't a contest!! Lol, most people that just have to say back to you they have did all this, too, actually ain't!!! Have a great day!!!!

Whew! As Clark Griswold says, where's the Tylenol?? 

Have a great month and rent a ring from me, buy my book, let me train you to be a pro-wrestler or just suplex you!  God bless,
Don't look back - -  look to Jesus!

God bless you, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

- George