Friday, June 12, 2015

My Afternoon with Garrett

Spending the day with my beautiful son Garrett. The road ain't no place to start a family, but thank Jesus I did.

From my Facebook page:

.... Took my beautiful son to Wendy's today, after we order i notice the lady had charged me 5.43 for just our teas. When a line standing behind me, and my son giving me that 'please dont dad' look, i said, mam i think thats wrong, i ordered the two 30oz. teas that are a dollar. She said, we dont have that here,....i said ma'm, every Wendys in the world has that, i should know, ive ate at everyone of them! She said, well we, you would have thought Hogan turned 'nwo' or something.....everybody getting upset with 'dydwyw'...even Barry fixen to turn on BJ, LOL ..... i then ask for the manager, oh yea, Garrett does not know me at this the manager was refunding my money, even with book sales at their highest, i wasent paying 6 bucks for just 2 teas! I just shared that i may forget my kids name, even my own, but after 40 years on the road, ' I KNOW CHEAP TEA PRICES'!!......Then, as the lady that startted all this, gave me a fake smile and said, sorry' we didnt have your ' 30oz. tea for a buck....with Garrett holding me back before i punched her, the manager said, 'WE HAVE 30oz. TEA FOR A BUCK'......the lady said, we do?..Yes,we have always had it, the manager told her! YES YES YES as i highfived the old lady behind me.....!!! So, Hogan put the yellow and red back on, my son loves me again, we drunk tea till we could float, and yes, i stuck my tongue out at that lady as i told her Jesus loves her, just going to take me a while....!!!

Whew, folks dont let anybody steal your joy, or sale you a tea for 6 bucks!!