Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Monthly Greeting - November 2016


"May the Lord shine His face upon you and give you peace."
- Numbers 6:20


"Dang Mr. No.1, did the library shut down? Were did you go for two months??"

Folks, I'm back! Faster than my Cowboys had to come back Sunday against the Eagles. Whew! Talk about being a nervous wreck!

So happy to announce there is another member of my "Paul Jones Army" - - -  AXL SOUTH!! Yes, Little George and Heather's new son is here and he is so beautiful. I got to rock him to sleep for the first time last week and it was so special!

Can you believe it is November already? Just a few more weeks and well be eating Turkey and it's Christmas Lights time on my great web site. (May have to plug them in a little early this year!)

So much has been going on since my last letter. My wonderful student Cedric is now in WWE and doing so great. We are so proud of him! With him leaving, I have been also taking over his night of training at my wrestling school so now our students get 3 nights of training a week.

This month we have the biggest wrestling event I have ever been a part of.  WRESTLECADE will land in Winston-Salem for 3 huge days! Everybody that is in pro-wrestling will be there. This year we will also be having a Sunday morning worship service that I am very excited about. I hope everybody can make it.

A special shout out to my friend Jillian! Tell your mama we got Creed turned up loud over here. We miss your Dad so much.

How 'bout them Cowboys?!!
Do you people know how long I have been waiting to say that? I mean really!!

Just because I took a few weeks off, don't mean the idiots did. When WRESTLECADE announces its 135th wrestling guest, which includes ........ Ric Flair, Sting, Sid, Animal, Steamboat, Arn Anderson, Ted DiBiase, and others ......... and then you message us to ask, "where is RAVEN???? You are an idiot!

Whew, that felt good to say again!

I hope everybody has a Happy Thanksgiving and remember, if I can rent you a ring, train you or babysit, please just contact me here at my "greatest website of all time!"

God Bless & see you at my gimmick table!!!

- George