Monday, July 4, 2016

Monthly Greeting - July 2016

JULY 2016

 "It was better to be a "has been", than to never have "been.'' - Johnny Weaver.

I love this. I wrestled for my good friend Jay Eagle a few nights ago and he shared this from the last time he saw Johnny. What a special person he was. I may have just been one of the last wrestlers to have him put the "sleeper" on. I sure miss all our heroes. God blessed me with so many great times with Wahoo, Sandy Scott, Tim Woods and Wally Dusek and their families.

The "world's prettiest grandbaby" Makayla will be having a birthday this month. She will be going into the 4th grade this year, and I will be going into a straight jacket!

  • I just returned from spending time with NWA Champion Harley Race at his wrestling academy in St. Louis and I am so very proud of Jason Jones. Many EWA fans may remember him from his start here at my wrestling school. He is such a big part of Harley's life and I was just so happy to see how he was doing.
  • Tessa and Cedric have been so busy with their own careers but they still have time to come back to my wrestling school and help with the training. Cedric was the talk of the WWE Jr. tournament and I keep saying, folks you ain't seen nothing yet. All of my students are beginning to travel and begin their journey which is just so exciting.
  • Please continue to lift up Brad Armsrong's sweet family. They are doing so good and Jillian is as tall as me now. Brad was so special. 
  •  My ring rentals have been picking up because of the great weather and the outside shows that are my favorites to be a part of. 
  • The Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Legends Fanfest weekend is just a few weeks away and I hope to see everyone there.

    Can you believe that my Cowboys will be playing in less than two months? I saw this week where one of their former linebackers just got sent to prison for five years. I just dont understand that. My son Brock would have gave anything to get that chance.

    O.K., let's all have one of the most special nights that a Dad and his little girl can have, a "Journey" concert were you and her make a video of that special night. Then have "some idiot" that you have never met post under the video that you are a fake, and care only for money! Yes, the idiot that done that will forever be famous on my last TV show were he made the idiot bag for the next 100 episodes! I gave his name there, but don't want to mention the idiot's miserable life here. People, get a life. If you think I am just going to turn the other cheek, your crazy! Heck, I may be a jerk, but at least meet me first!! Preach.

    Well, got to get going - - just saw a suplex on the wrong side, my work is never done! Happy 4th of July!!!   God Bless!!!

    - George