Monday, May 2, 2016

Monthly Greeting - May 2016

MAY 2016

"For God So Loved Me, That HE Gave His Only Son To Take My Place!" ( John 3:16).

Where does the time go? It is May already and summertime is very near. Summertime is for Steamboat and Youngblood!

I am so proud of my website. When a person walks up to me as they always do and ask for a business card...(really, does anybody still use them?)...I am able to just tell them to go to my great site and it answers all their questions. Thank you Dick Bourne.

My new grandbaby "Axl South", will be here soon. Just wait, going to be the greatest thing since Paul Jones showed up to save Wahoo from the Andersons in that famous cage match!

With two of my students, Cedric Alexander and
Tessa Blanchard. So proud of ALL my students!
  • What a great time to be a pro-wrestling fan in the Carolinas. They are so many great groups running great shows and it gives my wrestling school kids places to learn. 
  • Speaking of my great wrestling school, Tessa Blanchard is doing so great. She lives in Florida now and I miss her like crazy. Her recent appearances on NXT have made me so proud. 
  • Another one of my students, Caleb Konnelly just signed a contract with TNA. So proud of him.
  • I really have been blessed to be around Paul Jones, Wahoo and Brad Armstrong early in my career and learned the right way, which allows me to pass it on to my school.
  • I speak to Brad Armstrong's sweet family, Jillian and Lori at least one a week and they are doing great. Jillian will be finishing high school very soon and that just blows my mind! Please continue to pray for the families of those we lost in pro-wrestling.

My Dallas Cowboys did very well in the draft. And what about the idiot that posted the video of that player drafted by the Dolphins smoking pot right before the draft? No, he didn't even make my idiot bag this month, but he still is in the running!

My favorite part of the month. Let me paint a picture for you of "Grandpaw Walton" (remember him?) sitting in front of the radio after a big supper!  The match has just went 15 minutes, both guys have worked hard, the crowd is having a great time, it's only the second match so they're not burned out. The "super over" babyface, WWF legend, Billy Gunn, hits his famous finisher. Yes, the same one that he has used against the Rock, John Cena, and others. That finisher. The crowd goes NUTS. Heck even I go nuts! The fans start counting 1, 2, 3.....  But wait!!  I'm glad they did, because the goof idoit referee sure didn't!!! Yes, you read that right! The goof just didn't count. He did nothing! Hahahahaha but Billy Gunn sure did! Last I saw him, the referee was walking down I-81 with his thumb out and referee shirt on! I love my job!!!

Hope everyone has a great month and rent a ring from me, buy a book or just don't act like a goof, and I will be your friend!

See you at the matches, God bless!

- George